The absolute need of the time when you can deliberately or non-deliberately fall for the crimes and fraud — the fake ID card is here to save you from the big mess, and that is for sure.

But there is another reason to take advantage of the fake ID, and that is about buying cigarettes and alcohol while presenting your false ID.

And the high-level use of the fake ID is to present it on the immigration counter to slip out of the country due to various reasons.

So, get to hide your real identity and name even though using the real picture. To save yourself not only from the offline fraudulent activities but you can get to use the same fake ID over the online activities and revealing the real identity can get you into big trouble.

Fake ID Card

It is hard to find a fake ID card from the market that can bypass the UV checks, and if anyone claims for it, that is hard to stand for.

But with our fake ID cards of different countries, you get the exact setup and design using the chips and barcode that are all in the working state making it look like a real ID card.

It is not about just tweaking the picture part, it involves the overall amendment in the ID card that we professionally take up.

And our guarantee; we create fake ID cards that can never be detected anywhere in the world.

Fake ID

Fake ID can lead you through doing online and offline activities (legal and illegal) quite seamlessly.

Having one enables you to access different prohibited ID-proven events where you cannot be granted access without revealing the ID.

Due to the nature of such places, you are bound not to present your real ID. How about being underage and wanting to rock the local bar? Or you got to access nightclubs in the local area? And vice versa.

And when you have your ID card blacklisted by local and federal law, you should never try to take a risk to entertain the real ID.

Fake ID Scanning

We do not claim but guarantee going past the fake ID scanning anywhere in the world. Bring in any sophisticated scanning system and it would detect as bearing all the real information.

The standard fake ID cards are the easiest to detect not just by machines but with naked eyes.

They do not only contain the barcodes, chips, and everything but they are all fake meaning they do not hold any information.

With ours, the chip and the barcode are swipeable and do contain real information depicting what is up on the card.

So, you can safely take those cards through the immigration counters bearing the high-level technology and RFIDs without getting detected!

Italian ID Card

Italian ID Card (Carta d’identità Elettronica Italiana) is a mandatory document for all citizens belonging to Italy.

Having it unlocks traveling to the countries that are part of the European Economic Area including Switzerland (the heaven on planet Earth) without needing to have a passport and visa.

Romanian ID Card

Sad to state, Romanian citizens are put up with severe types of travel restrictions as they cannot enter the United Kingdom thrice in one year’s time frame.

So to enjoy tearing this restriction, the only best possible way is to get a Romanian ID card.

Not only that but the Romanian ID card can also enable your free access to selective countries where you can only present the ID card on the immigration counter. And for the very same reason, the illegal immigrants find it beneficial to land in Romania to slip out to its passport-free approved countries.

How to Make a Fake ID

Want to make a fake ID at your end? Okay, that is possible but a bit complicated.

But take it for practice purpose and do not dare to take it to the scanning machines or else you would get caught in a wink’s time.

1- Scan a Real ID Card of Yours or Someone

Do you have access to the real ID card?

If you have it, scan the card all the way from the back to the front with everything aligned.

2- Open Photoshop on the Computer

When you have scanned the copy, open it via Photoshop to start making the amendments.

3- Get Your Photo Scanned

Now take your real face picture and scan. For that, you must comply with the background and dress code before taking the snap.

4- Use the Same Font

You should always use the exact font family along with the size so that no one can detect any odd.

6- Amend the Details

Amend all the details including name, date of birth, license number, and retain the same color combination on the ID card.

7- Print Out the Front and Back

Let’s print out the front and back of the card.

8- Cut the Cardstock

Now cut the cardstock to the standard size allowed for the ID card.

9- Apply Glue on the Cardstock

Apply glue on both sides of the cardstock and stick the front and back of the ID card and leave it air drying for 6 to 8 hours.

10- Laminate Them Together!

Last part of the process, let’s laminate both together.


So we now know that we can use a fake ID card that can literally protect you from severe circumstances.

Going with us, you are good to possess a full-fledged ID card bearing the power of bypassing the manual and computerized checks.

Let’s have one and forget meeting with the identity-revealing mess for life.

Want to know what we do as a company, let’s have a look at our About Us page to catch up on the details.