Fake birth certificate


Our fake birth certificates are indistinguishable from the real thing! They’re printed on high-quality paper with a watermark and embossing. Plus, they come in a protective folder to keep them safe.
If you’re looking for a high-quality fake birth certificate, look no further! We offer two different styles to choose from, both of which look realistic and include important details like the child’s name, parents’ names, and time and date of birth. Whether you need to replace a lost or damaged birth certificate or just want a novelty item, our fake birth certificates are the perfect solution.



Here at our shop, we offer high-quality replacements for lost or damaged birth certificates. Our certificates are printed on heavy cardstock and look exactly like the real thing! Plus, we have two different styles to choose from. Both include the child’s name, parent’s name, and time and date of birth. Whether you’re looking to replace a certificate that was damaged or lost, or you just want a really authentic-looking fake document, we’ve got you covered!


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